Epic Network Plan Review

About Epic Network:- 

hey, Guys Today we are going to do a review of Epic life network private limited. Epic Network A pure Indian Product base company that started from 27 May 2020 from Jaipur Rajasthan. For now, Epic Network Has 2 offices  1st In Malviya Nagar Jaipur Rajasthan and second in Narnaul Haryana. Epic Network Baiscly Deals in Indian daily uses products, Epic network has a lot of quality products and most Unique Marketing Plan, Hopefully, you never see before. Mr. Sandeep Sing CMD Of Group of companies Epic Life Network and Mr. Preetam Singh MD of this Group.

Both are working on the same mission to empower Networkers Because Nowadays we see in the market every day Thousands of networks going in depression due to liabilities or when they are not able to make money as their abilities. After seeing this  Bad condition Sandeep Sir Design Epic Network Marketing Plan, Its Indias most unique marketing plan their company distributes 97% in leaders.

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Epic Network Plan Joining Packages:- 

As we already Told you Epic Network Has the most unique Marketing plan their company distributed approx 97% in leaders on the first day. So Now let’s Discuss First Epic Network Packages |

lets first Discuss Types Of Packages IN Epic Network nowadays.

  1. 1700Rs
  2. 1400Rs
  3. 1100Rs

As already Told you epic network Have most affordable  Products Lets Have a Look In Products.

Epic Network Products & Review :-

epic network products
epic network Product

If you Start with 1700 Package you will Get Epic Immutas Immunity Booster worth of 2000+

If you start with 1400 packages then you will get Epic Berries juice worth of 1800 +

But you come here only for earnings you then you can join with only 1100 Rs their also we will get 2 options of products 1.2 pack of Epic anion Santrypad worth 2398Rs or 2. Tulsi Pure Arg 1149 Rs.

Epic Network Marketing Plan:-

Let’s Discuss Epic Network Marketing Plan Types of income:-

  1. Silver income
  2. Gold Income
  3. Franchise Income
  4. Gold Reward
  5. Rewards

As already discussed you can choose any package you will get the same income But If you come with a big package means 1400 or 1700 their you will get corrier charge-free….


Binary Income = 1000 (1:1) with flash out     All Pairs (1:1=1000)
Up to unlimited level

Example : –

/ \
1100 1100

1 : 1= Rs. 1000/-     Daily Capping = 2 Pairs (02 AM to 02 PM )- 1 Pair (02 PM to 02 AM) – 1 Pair

Daily Income = Rs. 2,000

Automatic Pair Cut Only 3,5,7,10,13,15 Promotion for GOLD PLAN


As your 15-15 Silver Pair matched You Become Gold Member.
All Gold -Gold Pair matching income 1 : 1= Rs. 1000/- Power leg Carry Forward

 Daily Capping = 40 Pairs  (02 AM to 02 PM) – 20 Pair (02 PM to 02 AM) – 20 Pair

 Daily Income=40,000

Silver Income + Gold Income

2,000 + 40,000 = 42,000 × 30
= 1260000 Per Month


(1) 20 Epin Area FRANCHISE
(2) 50 Epin district FRANCHISE
(3) 100 Epin State FRANCHISE


5. Gold Rewards:-

If your any Downline Get Gold Level Achievement in minimum time  as in Regular 15 cappings You will Get 500-500 cash And and also that person.

How To Join Epic Network –

Its Very Easy Simply Call To Person Who share with you this concept send him

your name email id and mobile number He will Create You id

Thanks For Reading This Blog Now You turn To Do share & comment and tell me hows it was ….

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How To Withdrawal in EPIC NETWORK

as Already Discussed Epic network Marketing Plan design only for networkers so they Can make daily money, here in the epic network you got 2 times payout a day.

Admin in your hand you can withdrawal 24×7

If you put withdrawal before 08 am you will get up to 09-11 am

And if before 04 pm then you will get 04-06 pm

Every day payout no holiday

10% admin charge 5% TDS ( YOUR TDS FILLED ITS SURE )

2 times closing a day

Epic Network Legals

epic network Legals

My Opinion about Epic Life Network Pvt. Ltd. 

As I think after looking full concept EPIC NETWORK  it looks life it’s completely Risk Or Liability free Concept You shouldn’t Miss It. if you wanna make money Should Take action Right Now And Do signup for testing, I am saying So confidently To join epic network Now after watching Lot of these testimonial videos You can also Watch….

What People Says About Epic Network:-

Epic Network Company Youtube Channel

website www.epicnetwork.in

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