Dice2win Smart Contract Review Scam?

Hey Guys Welcome Back in my regular blog today we are going to do a review of Dice2.win etherium Smart contract after research, I got Dice2win an approx 2-year-old gaming company, but recently Dice2win Launch their own smart contract. we see nowadays its a momentum of smart contracts an everyday lot of smart contracts coming in market but out of them only a few doing great, Dice2win one out of them.

Dice2.win have a thing that little interesting ie. its paying nonworking income daily, verified concept and completely decentralized system, Lot more interesting things here you can read here mlmsam

Dice2win Smart Contract Hindi Review Video:-

But first Lets know what is smart Contract :-

A smart contract is a computer program or a transaction protocol respectively, which is intended to automatically execute, control, or document respectively legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract, of an agreement or of a negotiation Based on most Friendly Smart Contract Ideology of the World. or in simple words smart contract simply a kind of contract that happens online its secure and legal thing. for more information about smart contracts click here…

How Dice2win Smart Contract Work :-

dice2win review

Advantages of dice2win Smart Contract

Smart contract address checks on Ether scan for verification.

100% Decentralized Project

No admin, No Company, only People Money Rotate in peoples

Daily Outcomes

Types of income in Dice2win :-

first we have to discuss about packages :-

You Can start with Only 0.25 Eth25eth But you are able to upgrade your id as your first 300% retrun.

So Lets Discuss about types of income in Dice2win

  1. Daily Non working ROI
  2. Level Commission
  3. Team Daily income Roi
  4. Venture shared income
  5. Jackpot
  6. Play and earn income

Daily Roi Income

if you starts with 0.25eth. as company commited they will give you 1% Daily Return till You Recived 300%

Level Commision –

Level Commission (Up to 10 Level) To Acquire benefit of Each level should have One Direct Referral.

Team Daily income Roi :-

100 % of Daily Dividend of Each Direct
Will be distributed to 10 Level Equally. 100% Dividend to 10 Level,100% Of Daily Dividend

in simple words, you will get 10% daily Your Team Nonworking income

Venture shared income –

dice2win review

Jackpot income

dice2win review

Play and earn income –

dice2win review

Terms and Conditions :-

“For 10 Level Income required 10 Active Links.
▪ The maximum scope of SMART CONTRACT is 300% .
▪ Daily Dividend, Dividend 10 Level , Coin Flip and Dice2Club covers in 300% max SMART CONTRCT limit.
▪ Fair Games “Roll a Dice” , “Two Dice” and “Jackpot” will be out of SMART CONTRCT Limit.
▪ Re-Activation is mandatory within 48 hrs for 300% income.
▪ Daily Dividend can be view in ‘Daily Dividend’ section.
▪ To withdraw the amount to your Crypto-Wallet, you have to ‘Settle Income’.
▪ Settle Income option allows you to transfer fund to your own ‘Crypto-Wallet’
▪ 2% Smart contract developer fee.”

How To Join Dice2win Smart Contact :-


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Join link:

Follow these instructions.

Step 1: ✅Install Trust Wallet on your mobile device, From Website ✅https://share.trustwallet.com

STEP2: ✅ After Installation of the Trust Wallet App on your device, scroll to the bottom of your trust wallet mobile App and click DAPPS (Android phones) or Browser (iPhones), paste this link

STEP 3: ✅ Click Enter on your phone keyboard.It will take you to the website, then click JOIN NOW and it will take you to the page where you will then click the GREEN button to REGISTER OR UPGRADE, it will allow you to pay into Dice2win program (If it’s in a different language just click on English at the top). THEN CONFIRM

Step 4 : ✅Confirm your Payment. Congratulations, your Registration is Successful

Dice2win has two parts. Games ! Rafer for those who recruit for those who do not.

How To Withdrawal In Dice2win smart Contract:-

its very easy to withdrawal eth. in Dice2.win because daily Devident comes in trust wallet, You have to simply click Login your id through Trust wallet then Click on settle income then click on withdrawal income within the next few you can check in your trust wallet.

My Review On Dice2win:-

As we all know that there are many scam plan running in the Industry so I review this plan very deeply and i feel that the plan is very secure to join because here no admin and everything transparent. Even we also know that this is the starting of this company so we can invest also. And joining the amount is very less so no big issue to join this company. Dice2win business plan reviews are also very nice on social networking whenever we see on either cash every minute peoples from all over world join dice2win plans & websites like Youtube and Facebook lot of positive reviews, but at last, for legal Reasons, I want to research own level then start it, because as a professional blogger it’s my duty to info you all latest mom plans here on mlmsam

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